Current Project

The Euless Library Foundation (ELF) has an over-20-year history of providing public art to enrich and enhance our community. If you have visited the Mary Lib Saleh Euless Public Library, you have seen the wonderful results of their passion and efforts: Rapture of the Human Spirit, It Was Just Like Yesterday, and other bronze pieces; the Blooms of Enlightenment glass installation; and FabEuless Memories historical tiles. ELF is raising money for their next art installation, to take place in conjunction with the remodel of the library building in 2020: The Bubble Wall.

Imagine entering the library and being greeted with the color and movement of The Bubble Wall. The Bubble Wall will be the focal point and highlight of the re-imagined library entrance and public lounge space. It will be 10’ tall and 30’ wide, and may be enjoyed from either side of the wall. You will either continue past To l to enter the main library area, or walk through the bubbles to access the lounge area, which will be a multipurpose space, accessible even when the library is closed, with technology, comfortable seating, and vending available. Features of the Bubble Wall will include LED color-changing lighting and a completely sealed water system requiring no maintenance.

Goal: $100,000 by August, 2018.

Help Make the Bubble Wall a Reality