Officers and Directors

President: Allan Gibbs

Immediate Past-President: Sandra Crowley

Vice President: Mike McGehee

Recording Secretary: Pat Chumney

Transcribing Secretary: Kelly Avery

Treasurer: Dorothy Roe Fitch

Directors (in addition to the officers above)

Frances Allen

Ellen Jones

Bette Leone

Kathy Conlin

Evelynn Kelly

Diane Zimmer

Ex-Officio Directors

Hon. Linda Martin, Mayor of Euless

Sherry Knight, Library Administrator

Carol Kveck, Library Board Liaison


Director Emeritus – The Director Emeritus honor is awarded to those individuals who have made a significant contribution toward furthering ELF’s objectives. This honor includes an Honorary Lifetime Membership.

Directors Emeritus

Lloyd Baldwin (deceased)

Boyce Byers (deceased)

Joy Baldwin Goodgame

Hon. Mary Lib Saleh

Jackie Weathers (deceased)

Norann Lustfield

Diane Porterfield (deceased)